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The design Team, responsible for production of a concept design report on all Mission Critical projects, contains high caliber experienced engineers who are totally focused on design solutions. Their primary function is to provide the client with the correct design solution. Considering the brief they will challenge convention and offer innovative solutions where appropriate. They report to the project manager for each project.

Management Team

Consultant Engineer Sohier Abdel moniem    (Structural Engineering)

Dr.Eng. Mohamed Ossman Zakaria              (Structural Engineering)

Consultant Engineer Omar Abdel Moniem     (Electrical Engineering )

Consultant Engineer Sherif Sabry                 (HVAC)

Consultant Engineer Mohsen Mohamed        (HVAC)

M.Sc Eng  Mohamed Aly                             (Highway & airports)

Design Team

In House Consultants

Senior Supervision team
Eng. Samy Diab Civil engineering                    (Site Manager)

Eng. Abdul Sameaa Zahraa Civil engineering    (Site Manager)

Design team members
Eng. Ahmed Ismail    (Senior Design Engineer)

Eng. Reem Saleh      (Mechanical Design Engineering)

Eng. Hadeer Ahmed  (Mechanical Engineering)

Eng. Ali El saftey      (Sanitary Engineer)

Eng. Abdullah Salah  (Sanitary Engineer)

Eng. Amira Mostafa   (Sanitary Engineer)

Eng. Kholud Tarek     (Sanitary Engineer)

Eng. Rania Nahnoush (Sanitary Engineer)

Eng. Ahmed Helmy    ( Highway & Roads Engineer)

In Addition to a number of qualified personnel for admin. & financial works

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