Who We Are

MAST GROUP is a leading consulting firm established since 1978 as a unique consultant in the Egyptian and the middle east market and its reputation has grown over the past 40 years as a result of our ability to be able to communicate effectively with clients to accurately establish their requirements.

MAST GROUP offer consultation services related to infrastructure and electro-mechanical activities as potable water treatment plants, desalination plants, wastewater plants, as well as water supply, fire fighting systems and sewage networks. electricity supply networks, control systems, HVAC.

The firm is considered as one of the accredited firms in the association of Egyptian engineers in the field of infrastructure networks, pumping stations and water and wastewater plants. MAST GROUP is also an accredited firm in the field of fire fighting and civil defense as a specialized consultant.

Added value to our clients through four main pillars 

Serving the country for more than 40 years, MAST GROUP gained its unique reputation in  fulfilling the specific needs of national programs in relation to electromechanical and public utilities aspects, being the trusted consultant for many clients, providing highest quality advice.

Currently Mast Group continue to serve its clients through a new generation of PhDs and MSc degree holders having international experience, working across the region bringing their expertise to serve our country and clients, utilized by recent management methods adopted internationally as well as latest techniques and tools being used in projects design and management.

And in order to be inline with the market needs, MAST GROUP expanded the services to be provided to widen the spectrum of the Clients by introducing specific services that meets current market dynamics.