Scope of work:

Mast Group has been contracted out to provide site supervision services of electrical network, Water, wastewater , irrigation and fire networks The project comprises the following activities :

  • Gravity sewers : 56 Km ranging 200-700 mm
  • Water network : 52 Km ranging 160-600mm
  • Irrigation network : 46 Km ranging 110 – 350 mm
  • Electrical networks including HV,MV,LV in addition to all relevant substation and pillars ( 147 substation ) and 228 Km cables.

In order to meet the client requirement. Mast Group has appointed a highly qualified infrastructure team in order to follow up on execution of the work , do the field supervision through expert engineers , technicians, quantity surveyors and administrators. Our goal is to assure quality and safety  of the project implementation in accordance with the relevant specifications , approved designs and time schedule.


Shrouk Cloud Housing

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Shorouk City , Cairo , Egypt


Egyptian Armed forces